One More Year in Review

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By Jamie Winsor
December 16, 2022

Hey there! Pat and I here checking in from One More Game’s annual holiday party to reflect on the year that was 2022, and to offer a little preview of what we’ve got planned for 2023.

As a fully remote team that grew up in the midst of a pandemic, we’ve now had a few holiday parties virtually – which at first blush might sound tedious, but I can say with authority, is actually a blast. Last year, we gave away Steamdecks for the winners of our trivia game show, conducted a competitive PvP escape room, and ran a white elephant exchange with some absolutely 😙🤏 choice gifts.

One More Game is now 27 people, plus some incredible partners, and together we learned a lot this year about what alpha-driven development means when a game gets closer to being…not quite so alpha.

In 2022, we announced our Series A funding round and a game we’re cooking up called Spellcraft.

We continued playtesting Spellcraft (every.single.week.) with our growing crew of GameLab testers who beat up our latest and greatest (and occasionally not-so-greatest) changes and offer up the real-world player feedback that is the lifeblood of alpha-driven development.

This year, we also ran two larger Alpha tests for the first time, where we put Spellcraft in front of thousands of players who came into the game blind to see what they thought. To say we learned a lot from these tests would be a massive understatement! Both times players told us that the game was fun, but had feedback that forced us to rethink some fundamentals and ultimately took us back to the prototyping “pre-alpha” stage. We’re trying to build games players love. With over 10,000 games released each year on Steam alone, the bar for making games players love is higher than it’s ever been. Our constant GameLab tests and larger Alpha moments have helped to focus us in on the fun.

In 2023, we’re finally going to show Spellcraft to the world. To date, we’ve been admittedly a bit cagey about the game, so we haven’t shown much gameplay. With the feedback we heard from our last Alpha, we’re continuing to push Spellcraft towards something we believe players will love – and this time, we think we’re ready to spread the good word.

Sometime early next year, we’re going to run a significantly bigger alpha test with the next evolution of Spellcraft, and we’re going to work with the media, content creators, and gamers of all stripes to share it with the world.

Stay tuned! From the whole OMG team, here’s to a fantastic new year!

-- Pat & Jamie

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