About Us

  • We started in early 2019, so it might be at least a few more weeks until the game is done.
  • As if there aren't enough Seattle-area game development studios already, we decided to start another.
  • We've already made games that have billions of hours of playtime. Let's see if we can help the world have just a little more fun.
  • The section looks more balanced with four bullet points.

Our Values

Developer Joy

We aim to find ways to unencumber game development so we’re building with the best tools and people to make more magical experiences for you.

Fast Iterations

It’s not enough that the game works - it has to be fun. Focusing on building faster means more attempts to find that fun.

Delightful Games

It’s part of our DNA to not just build what is necessary, but create something delightful. It’s the little things waiting for you to find

Social Gaming

We build online games because we love the social interactions that come with them, and we know you do too.


Jamie Winsor


Patrick Wyatt