We make games. Come make some good ones with us.

We aim to provide an exemplary work environment, and seek well-rounded people creative, industrious and kind to join our team.

We desire to increase our diversity, and believe that the more our team resembles the global community of players, the better we'll be able to understand and meet their needs.

We are committed to providing a workplace free of discrimination and harassment, where people are judged on merit.

we take care of our people.

  • In-office, telecommuting and fully-remote

    Even before the COVID-19 lockdown, we provided a flexible work schedule to allow you the freedom to live where you want, work where and when you want, and so arrange your life based on your personal needs, not based on the clock or the commute.

  • Self-managed Time-off

    We trust you to manage your time wisely. We encourage you to take the vacation and sick-leave you need to stay healthy and productive, which along with flexible hours and telecommuting, affords you the ability to maximize your personal happiness, avoid missing key events in the lives of your friends and family, take care of sick family members, and manage your personal errands, and enables you to be productive when you are working.

  • Full Benefits

    We provide comprehensive medical, dental, and vision benefits with low deductible plans so you can avoid significant out-of-pocket costs for care. We also provide life and short-term/long-term disability insurance — for life — should the worst happen.

  • Moonlighting friendly

    Your free time is just that: yours. If you're working on your own thing on your own time, we don't own that. We also won't ask you to sign a non-compete agreement.

  • Two months of fully-paid maternity/paternity leave

    after one year of employment, and one month prior to that. Fully-paid means that you'll receive 100% of your salary and benefits while you're on leave so you can focus on your family's needs.

  • Continuing education stipend

    We provide a stipend to fund continuing education and professional coaching to facilitate your career growth.

  • Trade show attendance

    While we're all a bit unsure about whether we *want* to attend trade shows like the Game Developers Conference or Horseshoe Project without a vaccine, the stipend may be used for show & travel costs, and we provide time off to attend as part of our Self-Managed Time-off program.

  • No ping-pong tables

    … foosball, or arcade machines at the office. We'd rather have folks leave work and enjoy their personal time, rather than find subversive ways to keep them at the office.

  • Benefits documents

We believe that creating outstanding games has more to do with building an extraordinary team than any other factor.
Patrick Wyatt

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